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up’ into the space in the black hole that Yi Sha,Cheap Jordan Shoes, three distinct felt a strange power trio who swept in, this force is not malicious, but rather a method of detecting ……,
into a black hole, ‘Xiao Yan dark moment in front of several people, is followed with a light and a loud voice to bloom and open, eyes slightly narrowed, in front of the world has become a small town appearance changes, the town is not large, eyes looked toward the sky town, but it is a gray color,cheap jordans, faint rooms,cheap jordan shoes, with space for violent fluctuations which outgoing self.
‘This is the space of the town, the space Fair venue …… here although not without those Proterozoic vast expanse of space,jordan shoes for sale,’ but is used as a trading place, is ample ‘old drugs look responsibilities that crowded street , with a smile.
Xiao Yan trio nodded, can open up a space dedicated as a trading place,Cheap Jordan Shoes, which is not mine is quite small,Cheap Retro Air Jordan, although it was not much room, but it can not be opened, such as idlers.
‘casual first look at it, there is almost nothing substandard, is a rare good thing.’ smiled the old drugs, then the leg is in front of a street to go, then go far Hsiao tight look of curiosity With on, look at both sides of the continuous sweep.
lined streets are filled with some of the bluestone units, stone platform, floating some scrolls, jade, bottles, and even things like nuclear weapons and magic, faint light since these things being filled out, showing that is not an unusual thing, in the stone, each sitting cross-legged figure some of these people all powerful long breath ‘is obviously not mess with the master.
‘magic legs, to order high bucket drag’
‘Tai Xuan decision’ to order high power law …… ‘
‘Changeling Dan, seven senior product immortality ……’
‘Blood spiritual reference years ……’¬†With the vision

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