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shadowy figure in the presence of rapid shuttle, after a moment, actually is slowly closed eyes.
‘cohesion success’ ‘ Xiao Yan
see such a ‘hideous Yang Hao on the face even more, fingerprints suddenly meal, since the eyes of the emerging wave of cool, however, just as he was wishing handprint hands smacked the front of Xiao Yan,Coach Outlet Store, chill , but it is enveloped his heart.
‘bang! ‘
instant chill enveloped, Yang Hao at the foot of the stone,cheap jordans, suddenly burst open, a surge of hot lava pillar of fire, as the dragon claws general storm washed out, Yang Hao legs in between the last heavy bombardment.
‘Puchi! ”
since being sent to attack the earth,Coach Outlet Store Online, contrary to everyone’s expectations, and as the protagonist of the Yang Hao ‘a blood spray out, the figure is the pillar of fire Kuangmeng direct impact knocked flying, and finally heavy The boom in the pavilion of a giant stone pillars, and pillars, is open at the moment of the explosion ……,
looking at the end of the war almost instantly, into the attic, suddenly silent, a Road dismay negative hand looked at the farm stand, or even after moving the slim stature are not young, long while, thunderous applause and loud resounded in this loft into the sky.
Xiao Yan looking calm, looked at the whole body charred Yang Hao, a slight hand, smiled and said:. ‘assignee, and three command ”
‘Puchi! ”
just landed Yang Hao, heard the remark,Cheap Jordan Shoes, a blood, but also could not endure the spray out, think of how he is,Coach Outlet Store, with his five-star peak strength in the hands of Xiao Yan, But it is failure was so embarrassed. 1290th eight chapters inflammation Family
‘actually lost ,……’ ” On
pavilion ‘Ling Quan and five who looked commanding eyes stared at rubble ruins struggling Yang Hao,’ as the one ‘from each other in the eyes of all the horror of

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