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ten cold eyes, directed at Han Feng thundered, in his view, if not a lot of reason by Han Feng lure him from, he did not come Noire domain, and trip the muddy water, the result Now the benefits did not groan,, prompting a show, but whether there desperately to leave, are two things to say, under the hearts of rage, but also some anger and Han Feng.
be Xuan Custodian wrist, Han Feng is also a sneer, nor with the dispute,Coach Outlet Store, but it is only intended to kill the rich hearts of many,Coach Outlet, presumably even today it Xuan Custodian die here,cheap jordans, he also will secretly start, chairs its kill . ‘
tick in breathing heavily, Xuan law enforcement that blood-red eyes, but also gave the steering shabu Xiao Yan, eyes being heard because the soul of pain, and gradually took a touch crazy,Coach Factory Outlet, awe-inspiring tone, said:
‘you really are yet, or not yet?’
for law enforcement is so crazy eyes Xuan, Xiao Yan is still askew breeze, clear appearance, he looked at the Han Feng, a faint smile and said: ‘If you really put Famous kill, I might think about it … ‘
’the fierce spirit still with me, I will do it!’ Xiao Yan hear seems loose-lipped suspects, law enforcement Xuan also gave a lot, quickly said,Cheap Jordans Outlet, when talking, he’d never noticed it coming from behind awe-inspiring vision, intended to kill more and more concentrated.
eyes smiling at Villa Custodian, Xiao Yan eyes of ridicule, more concentrated.
seems to have realized that time mocking eyes of Xiao Yan Xuan law enforcement is finally understand that they seem to be playing. Mouth breathing more and more intense, pernicious colored eyes, is more concentrated, after a moment, a crazy roar, finally came in from tick: ‘Ten soul so, kill him hear Xuan! Custodian roar, that the mountain above the ten shadow, is suddenly not hesitate storm swept out, soon crashed

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