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night,Coach Outlet, slowly emerging. This is not Xiao Yan refining immortality, but Auxiliary things a practice, it is like when the experience when they go out to practice some useful little things he old drugs are refining it, so it did not cost too much time to Xiao Yan, only ten minutes, that group of cold liquid impurity is among the deported were exhaustively.
crystal clear cold liquid circling flames, Xiao Yan hand over the pages, a small Yuping is in the hands,Coach Outlet, and then tilt the bottle,Coach Outlet Store, some glowing bright red blood flowing out of the cold, and finally fell into the flames, together with that group of cold liquid.
With the integration of the two, is a slight change in color, then gradually burning through the glass lotus fire,Coach Outlet Store Online, and finally pour into a ball of white light viscous liquid, which penetrate the slightest chill out against the surrounding Nirvana approach of taking that hot .
see refining success, Xiao Yan palm green flame is gradually dissipated, flexor a lead, and that because of the white light is falling into a viscous liquid Yuping among done, 萧炎飞 speed will who faded clothes, and then give all that cold liquid deposited on top of the body, will cover every inch of skin is down.
When Shao cold liquid before putting the body, an icy chill to Xiao Yan suddenly enveloped, had some very hot skin is rapidly becoming cold, chill in the back stock, even Xiao Yan also could not help but shudder and then take advantage of Service chill is strong, cross-legged on the ground again, the state into practice. With just
萧炎刚 state into practice, and that fiery energy properties around the fire, as if suddenly once again by pulling in general, the overwhelming rush to the front of Xiao Ting,Coach Factory Outlet, and this time,Coach Factory Outlet, when they like a real-like crimson energy by dissatisfied to Shaw When inflammation

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