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structures made entirely from blue stone, on the top of the altar,Coach Outlet Store Online, enough with some of the mountain overlooking the week.
Xiao Yan, a pedestrian sailed fell on top of the altar, chalky central position in that altar, a large yellowish stone lasts baizhang, stands lonely here, an ancient ambience and open, are like constant ancient forever.
‘This is what the legendary Death stone ,Coach Outlet Online……’
Xiao Yan looked up at the huge stone on stone ‘engraved with a lot of strange runes, between faint strange light flickering on this stone,Coach Outlet, carved with a huge finger and a deep Banzhang handprint, some strange information from spread out, presumably this should be is the practice of law,Coach Outlet Online, and that the so-called Land of the Dead refers to the palm of their lives.
demon close the eyes in front of the monument first line of a solemn ceremony, and then just slowly back, eyes look Xiao Yan, said: ‘This is my jiu python family lives deep stone, and’ Death of Wrath, ‘and BES demon blood, that is hidden in it, but as to whether it should be obtained, that is, Xiao Yan brothers have to rely on. ‘
Xiao Yan´╗┐Silently nodded his head and his eyes look dignified stone in it, he felt an extreme tyrannical soul coercion.
‘just a trace of residual soul is that it has such a powerful coercion, I really do not know that their lives demon sanctified, and how strong guise ………… 1440th chapters soul battle
’then I once tried once wanted to get into the stone boat’ Death of Wrath,Coach Outlet Store, ’the practice of law and BES demon blood, but in the strength of my soul just invade monument, is vomiting defeat shook foot Foot rest for six months before the recovery. ‘
demon is so close the eyes of Xiao Yan looked solemn appearance, also sigh a sigh of relief,Coach Factory Outlet, fear eyes looked stone, said: ‘Even now my strength has many

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