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And he also wanted to see who was the Soviet Union thousands sorts of praise of the best students in the original ‘what will be how to deal with this and other dilemma.
‘Xiao Yan ‘I have put down the words’ thing today ‘and no one can replace you’ is the war is back, give me answer 丆 case it ” ancient demon staring Xiao Yan ‘indifferent voice’ sound at this venue Toru forward. ‘| Small〗’ | Small〗 ‘| Small〗’ | said〗 ‘| net〗’ | First〗 ‘| more〗
‘call …… Factory
at that numerous road gaze ‘Weibi eyes of Xiao Yan’ slowly opened his eyes, then slowly got ‘smiled softly: ‘Since ancient demon all systems aggressive’ then this test of ‘generation Xiao Xiao Yan Family ’took over’ ‘
this war ‘when one enters from the ancient community, Xiao Yan is clear ‘has been inevitable’ Given inevitable ’that will fight!
into the war ‘back then shame,Cheap Coach Purses! Today
Xiao Yan ‘can fight’ can not be humiliated,Coach Outlet!
Even his opponents’ is the ancient family of extremely talented!
(second more to ,Coach Outlet Store Online!!! 1309th chapter rival,Coach Outlet Store Online!
‘Xiao Yan ……’
small medical cents Weicu Dai Mei, she is able to perceive the ancient demon of terror,Coach Outlet, although for Xiao Yan has been quite confident, but she is aware that this ancient demon is definitely a rival Xiao Yan.
‘Some things can not retreat …… Xiao Yan smiled at her,Then looking at the side white teeth biting migraine lips, cheeks slightly yellow Chill children, smiled and said: ‘Nothing in this fight, even if he does not take the initiative to provoke … I have to come forward,Coach Factory Outlet, the ancient warrior tribe, the only There is so, it would only be able to block some of the people’s mouth. ‘
yellow children nodded, but look to the ancient demon’s eye, but it is more and more cold, Xiao Yan for her the past few days in the ancient family suffered a lot of ridicule

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