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be caught, since never stand up, so, even if his mind all the time worried about the safety of Xiao war,Coach Outlet, but what he did, but did not show such a thought Otherwise, lose that last only he and his father.
‘No,Cheap Coach Purses, you probably do not have that opportunity, this time, I will personally take you back to the Rose family, let your son reunite’ the soul of the house is also vice Dianzhu face surface touch indifferent smile: ‘It was also going to let you family live for some time, but it seems you do not cherish this opportunity. ‘
Xiao Yan noncommittal, then do not bother with this pair Dianzhu say nonsense,Coach Outlet Store Online, Xiupao wave …… shares is suddenly hot flame beneath the giant pit being fired,cheap coach bags, apparently intended to beat the dog to the big water rot Senior resolved Here.
saw Xiao Yan’m living in front of his killer, that the soul of the house of Vice Dianzhu eyes suddenly a cold, flexor of a bomb …… shares billowing black gas injection, and finally into a black dragon flame engulfed …… mouth, and soon it big hands shoved in front of Xiao Yan arrested, since the overwhelming Mist Pushe its five fingers,Coach Outlet Online, into five huge chains, crashed in front of Xiao Yan storm swept away.
‘Do not think to break through to the two stars St., would be sufficient to arrogance, in the eyes of the temple,Coach Bags Outlet, you are not worth a mention!’┬áVice Dianzhu
soul of the house on the touch hideous face appeared, his strength has reached a full bucket of St. Samsung late stage, compared to three Long Island, Dragon King, also just a little weaker than the north of the Dragon King to this level, Xiao Yan enough to completely crushed!
However, facing the soul of the house Dianzhu of this and other fierce offensive, Xiao Yan face but remained calm and did not mean shot, but once again facing the giant pit beneath

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