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it really is some skill.’ Forget it, or do not dwell too long with him directly to get rid of it, so that branches off will occur. ‘
mind the idea of ​​passing this road, easy to dust in the eyes of bloodthirsty also flashed a strange crimson,Coach Outlet Store, deep breath, fingerprints suddenly changes. With the rapid changes
easy to dust fingerprints, his body, actually began in the eyes of many consternation, gradually shrinking, a Unit of blood, eruption from the pores, so that was his blood as a person in general,Coach Outlet Store, looks quite terrible.
‘Xiao Yan careful, this is the day of the offerings were clotting **, by evaporation of the blood, and perhaps a brief power surge!’ Cao Ying stone outside, saw dust so look easy, cheeks slightly changed, Jiao Road . ‘Xiao Yan, this is over!’ With the body of a grudge
rapid surge, easy touch surface dust mouth is grim smile, he cast ** clotting, fighting under the statue, almost is hard to find an opponent, pack Xiao Yan, Shoudaoqinlai things! ‘Bang!’ Easy dust crack
feet Yiduo ground, a road arm stout rapid spread out among several blink this piece of stone is enveloped exhaustively, and space for a while before it twisted, strange disappear again.
Easy dust stature disappeared, Xiao Yan brow of a challenge,Coach Outlet Store Online, the pace quickly step back, soon passing touch of red shadow eyes, I saw was the former, as the blood-red ghostly,Coach Outlet Store Online, before Shanlue, fingers get into a claw type, sharp nails like a razor, Shenzhe Senleng chill. ‘Your flesh, to me!’
directed at the close of Xiao Yan reveal the color touch cruel bloodthirsty, easy to dust gripper, directly into the heart of the vital parts of the former severely arrested. Go. ‘Go!’
Xiao Yan looked at the head exposed Hanmang covered bloody taste of easy to dust,Coach Factory Outlet, a thunder-like sound of bombing,Coach Outlet, Bao its tongue out,

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