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Chen Sheng said.
‘I and the days of the demon Phoenix family has long grudges, if you fear the words,’ I dare you show up in front of? ‘Wen Yan, Xiao Yan is a smile, a smile immediately slightly astringent, cold voice said:’ I do not want to tell you crap, do not doubt my means, if you’re stubborn, I do not mind the next day the ruthless hand to let you Phoenix Family few pieces of meat off the demon. ‘
saw Xiao Yan eyes that chill surging Phoenix a lag, to the mouth of Hema is their life and swallow belly,Coach Outlet Store Online, although the former is not known about deep, but she is able to feel the awe-inspiring discourse of the latter .
‘How do you really want?’ forced, Phoenix only thundered,Coach Outlet Online, every fight holy strong, both within the family’s most valuable asset,Coach Factory Outlet, the loss of one, even if it is for this and other days demon Phoenix family´╗┐Class forces, but also the pain is undoubtedly the flesh bloodletting,Coach Factory Outlet, under really angry if Xiao Yan Ying Huang Kun Huang will to kill two day demon Phoenix family will really want to vomit blood.
‘What I do not want to, just do not want to intervene in family day demon Phoenix family Void cologne only thing.’ Xiao Yan light laughs.
‘Well, even if we do not intervene,Coach Outlet, the East can not compete with the three Long Island Long Island, three dragon together, do you really think that with eastern Long Island is not fully mature dragon phoenix can compete with it?’ Phoenix cold shouted.
‘it is not a thing you can control,’ Xiao Yan eyes look to the Phoenix, faint: ‘Now you have two paths ’to stay or go if you stay, I will close the eyes and demon patriarch together will capture you, and then you called this day the demon kill all three Phoenix ‘go, then please leave it.’ In addition to help me send a message to the days of the demon Phoenix family,Coach Outlet, so that they do

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