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like to thank Mr. Mang up.’ Heard, Kaoru children suddenly light laugh.
‘You do not deliberately say to listen to what the old lady, girl,Coach Outlet Store Online, for want to sleep in front of the old lady playing mind’ Mang day ruler rolled his eyes, said.
Kaoru children smiled, ‘also did not refute, placed such a good chip is not the case, that is too much to waste some.
that road, ‘but Xiao Yan ⺌ the day you want to enter the tomb, that hurdle is that it must get through, you should know what I’m saying,’ Mang day ruler migraine Xiao Yan looked at, and then facing the front of the chin back raised his cold, whispered: ‘As long as you can hold a hundred rounds in the hands of the guy and undefeated ⺌ Kennedy,Coach Outlet Store, is able to block some old guy’s mouth, into the tomb ⺌ the day should also be able to easily many . ‘
‘100 possessions? ‘
Xiao Yan slightly hesitated and did not speak,Coach Outlet Store Online, but Xiupao the fist, but it is a little tight ⺌ hold up, this, the result is not what he needs!
Xiao Yan fist tight grip between ⺌,Coach Outlet Store Online, an ancient bell chirping, suddenly resounded through the sky in this world ‘mighty spread while opening bell, the last in this vast mountain range, spread open.
‘hour into the ceremony to begin it.’ After the bell rang
chirping, a mighty dull sound, but it is suddenly empty ⺌ since no space to pass out, the implication being that voice hán ⺌ terror fear of coercion, so many people have a wide field 丯are light xī the one breath.
‘holy struggle, the real fight holy!’
this feeling comes from the soul of coercion, Xiao Yan’s eyes,Coach Outlet Store, but also a touch of shock exposed ⺌ color, ‘This is the first time he felt a real fight holy coercion.
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