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just this session will be the most wonderful place Dan.
five days,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, Xiao Yan missed once it is in,Tiffany Outlet, it was in reference bone fusion snow, because it is very subtle differences, which led to his decisive will abstain, choose to re-refining.
but fortunately, in the second parameter of bone fusion snow, finally did what the error appears again, after all these herbs, Xiao Yan is only prepared two that,Tiffany And Co Outlet, if it fails, then he is to have to find another method a.
the fifth day when Yao middle of May rose to the sky, Xiao Yan Wei Bi eyes, also opened slowly, looking somber in the drug tripod, among those rising flames, with three groups or liquid, or dust-like things exist, these three things may look like much, but it is filled with a strong sense of shock was very pure drug. ‘
these three things,Tiffany Outlet, Xiao Yan is more than a score on the 5th, and now refining has been successfully completed,Tiffany And Co Outlet, he needs to do next is that these three things, perfect together, will it be calcined to immortality prototype, and finally to Dan – ‘
integration is a very important step in alchemy, and add herbs now XiaoYan not very full, so this integration, it is not easily fail, otherwise, not only time consuming, but also for energy consumption, is quite horrible, This and other bands other refining immortality, that’s a pretty tired thing, how could last long, ‘
trying to make was to maintain a state of their own, Xiao Yan Sun is quickly glanced at the distant Cao Ying Mu bone elderly and others, at the moment,Tiffany Co Outlet Store Online, they also face dignified simply shot the lights controlled drug within the tripod between flame, faint, which has a strong energy fluctuations spread out … ‘These guys are not drug-ting an unusual thing, will fluctuate herbs hidden half, otherwise they’d be able to take the guess exactly what

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