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two penalties are extreme terror …
waved palm, demon puppet flashed out, empty eyes stand beside Xiao Yan, he watched the sun chill that name qingpao old man, sneered: ‘want to have to waste I see you have a grudge Che this? Qualification! ‘
a demon puppet now, three storms Court elders face are some changes, that were long eyebrow old man looked thin about it, nodded, and said: ‘really is a struggle´╗┐Other bands were puppets, so baby, even if I did not have thunder Court also did not think you actually have this good fortune edge, but this is still not enough to save your life, ”
‘It is not enough, so too!’
Xiao Yan palm lightly touch on the snow-white sodium ring, slowly said.
With the sound down,cheap jordan shoes, an majestic matchless soul force, again down the arm, like a tide,cheap jordan shoes, Xiao Yan mad rush inside the body.
forces poured into TV drama with majestic soul, Xiao Yan Hu momentum, also in this moment, in the city that round after round in the eyes of horror, madness began to climb. ‘
majestic momentum, sweeping the sky, even with that downpour are therefore stagnated, and when Xiao Yan,Cheap Jordans Outlet, a pair of dark eye pupil,Cheap Jordans Outlet, once again into the time, moving up the momentum just crossing the cold silver slow stagnation .
‘This may also be enough?’
Xiao Yan silver eyes staring wind lightning three elders,cheap jordan shoes, calm voice, but it is as if the soul sounded like a man.
‘Sure enough, as Hong Tian Xiao said, you have to be able to make their own power surge, which shares the momentum, should peak at around seven cases of fighting,cheap jordans for sale, nearly eight stars, and this force is extremely pure power of the soul, presumably in your body, you should is there a strong soul body, or with you, is absolutely difficult to reach such a level. ‘Zhang Mei old man watching closely Xiao Yan, deep voice of the Road.
Xiao Yan

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