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with the Tough force, purple grind attack, not only breaking its exhaustively, but there is a spare fanzhen her, to see this push,Coach Outlet, seemingly gentle, but the strength is quite fierce, if purple research can not dodge it, presumably will be Zhentui tens of meters, and even that may not also slightly hit.
rich, between shots, almost sealed their retreat, for a time,Coach Outlet Store, purple research is actually a limb.
However, when that white people pushed out of hand cast a shadow is strange like flashed out, soon one hand Dazhu purple research body, said something back, fingers clenched suddenly, immediately brought up an intense effort wind, severely blasted.
fist and that contains a dark force of the collision pushed the hand, burst into a dull voice, winds between proliferation, they are all a step back.
grind down the purple, Xiao Yan slowly looked up,Coach Outlet, eyes look white people that were shot, dark Mouzhong, passing some promise chill.
‘for a little girl out of such a heavy-handed, you is not much point?’ eight hundred and third chapter Bluff MO
Kui brake in front of that white people,Coach Outlet, looks quite young, twenty-six or seven it seems the appearance of a white snow, white shirt fluttering, it is with a bit chic Seiitsu taste, white man a face was very handsome, handsome among the points again with a feminine qualities, slightly thinning of the lips sipping mouth wet with a faint smile,Coach Outlet Store Online, smile despite giving a good feeling, but the other That points feminine qualities, but it is a little bit so that was not like Xiao Yan.
the white man appeared,Coach Outlet Store Online, is rapidly becoming the focus of the entire hall, the hall of the crowd, after Qiaode this person, his eyes flashed a little surprised but also seems to be some surprise why this man suddenly appeared.
’turned out to be black emperor were less

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