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ghost surfaced,Coach Outlet, Xiao Yan came into my mind a sense of waves of dizziness, but he is still dead teeth, once again pushed the soul force, trying out the lives of Wrath!
terrible shock soul, once again emerged, and finally spread to three dragon fiercely, in that moment, the three giant dragon Scarlet pupil,Coach Outlet Online, have gone there have been some dark, soul two successive shocks, for their injuries, …… too great,
North Dragon lead that withstood wave soul punch´╗┐Strike, huge body suddenly flashed lightning into a silhouette, a flashing down, then get out now before Xiao Yan,coach purses outlet, looking grim beat blasted, which falls on the heavy chest.
a mouthful of blood ejected from Xiao Yan mouth, he looked at the front of his face looking grim pernicious north dragon, but it is crazy smile, hand over the pages, four-color thermal lotus flower emerges, then mercilessly thrown in the North Dragon body above.
‘burst,Coach Outlet!’
lotus fire broke out again, ’that North Dragon directly blown a few little knowledge, a mouthful of blood along the way seemed crazy not to spit out money in general, he did not think he was ruthless, Xiao Yan more ruthless than his direct punch-for-punch! PS: null $ 3z Chinese Entertainment exchanges YY:! 399446 ~ Flower update ~
use last effort to cast out the fire lotus bombers flying north dragon, Xiao Yan’s body, and it was the former beat the previous boom pulpy,Coach Outlet Store, even with its chest is slightly collapse, if not its extremely powerful ancient ** North dragon that beat up, he was able to bang blasting to death.
Xiao Yan struggling respite, the two murderous glory is swept to carry the shaking, shocking that the South and West Dragon Dragon, at the moment the two, eye redness, Zhuangruo crazy,Coach Bags On Sale, dignified three dragon, actually was a junior played so

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