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all intelligence failures, and that a group of people, with a strong respect bucket, under the able to flee, it is also full of luck.’
large Highness old man, looked up, surprised it is that from the day of the fire Venerable
day snake escape the hands of the elders.
‘bucket respect? a few stars statue?’
heard,Coach Outlet Store, silhouette eyes Chill also appeared on the throne for a while fluctuations.
‘should only be a star statue level, otherwise, it can not under its handsEscape. ‘Days snake hesitated, Gong Sheng said.
‘Oh, no wonder so embarrassed to make day snake,Coach Outlet Online, the original is a statue of a star.’ hoarse voice,Coach Outlet Online, ringing down the sound source and looked and saw the hall was in the corner, there is still the one wearing a white leather velvet old man, old man a smile on the face when talking about fighting statue, and not ordinary people all in awe.
‘just what a star, & quot;’ Chill figure on the throne nodded, point fingers gently on the large back, after a moment, faint: ‘woe poison the body, the deity must Zhicun, a statue of a star, then pour not qualified to make that deity to give up,Coach Outlet Store, you can have a group of people’s whereabouts? ‘
heard, the day the snake bit awkward shook his head, he has a chance to escape, which still have time to manage the group of guys go.
snake shook his head to see the sky,Coach Outlet Store Online, the shadows on the throne Chill brow slightly Yizhou, an daunting chill,Coach Outlet Store Online, slowly filled the hall into the sky. Under
even in this terrible grudge will always solidified chill, day snake
also shuddered.
‘beams, ice Holiness, do not get angry, those people’s place, we know & quot;.’ chill filled the room, the hall suddenly emerged Xu some weird black gas, immediately Mist-shrouded, into a figure, Mist between motility, between faint sound of the chains came rushing.

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