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past,Cheap Coach, contacts among Noire domain, be secretly controlled the Magic Valley inflammation. ‘
‘And, as far as I get the latest information, and now the Han Feng,Coach Outlet Store Online, was secretly contacted by a lot of the year and their pay good Noire field forces once again want to form alliances, and even, even the Black King case, even Yingshan elderly, The columns are invited. ”
Wen Yan, Xiao Yan moment, immediately sneered: ‘This guy really is just how ah grasshopper refused to stop.’ Always wanted to jump paw! Point something out. ‘
‘The Han Feng, ambition has always been not small,Coach Outlet, he is in the past, his painstaking efforts Noire domain contacts, although several times by you frustrated, but now instead of fighting were achieved strength in Pointe Noire domain appeal undimmed , if it is really to get him to form alliances with these forces and the strong field Noire, as well as fear of Canaan Institute Xiao door, that would be a great threat, ‘Su thousand Chen Sheng said:.’ We here, really fighting were strong and I will add up to two small medical cents,Coach Outlet, at most,Coach Outlet, plus a XiaoYan – so, if he is really successful alliance in the peak of the strong level, not inferior to us, the inner courtyard of the old couple in thousands´╗┐The kinds of things that are definitely not shot, their mission is not only to protect the Canaan Institute destroyed, so the rest of Dun. ‘Is to rely on ourselves.’
‘So said.’ we must not allow other forces remaining Noire domain league success! Otherwise, we also had the opportunity to let it turn around. ‘Xiao Li Tao interface is overcast.
Xiao Yan nodded silently, fingers tapping the desktop, after a moment, slowly:
‘when he invited these forces?’
Xiao Yan chin tap,Coach Outlet, light body against back, faint: ‘Brother, all the strong mobilization of Xiao door,

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