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it is at a slow pace to gradually rise, though it seems so speed slow, but it is in front of the spans between the imperial struggle and fight were the days that road gully, quietly climbing, according to this rate, arrived to break even, it is only a matter of time … ‘And when reached – is so Sharp’s time,Coach Outlet Online, they will struggle to break the power will be Xiaoyan Cheng Huang,Coach Outlet Online, were fighting to reach the moment! nine hundred and eighty second chapter refinement effect of the soul Bottom
dark fiery lake of blood, silent. Everything is carried out quietly in solitude, in this place, it seems that even the time lost its proper role. ” Red among the little Bi ‘looming green color, but it is particularly prominent, closer to the line of sight,Coach Outlet Online, had just revealed out of a figure sitting cross-legged,Coach Outlet, is naturally that sneak into the bottom of the blood pool Qianxiu Xiao Yan.
from state into practice up to now, ‘Yes XiaoYan almost always never withdraw from, so if you like a monk, kept motionless posture. That steady stream of absorbing the majestic surroundingsEnergy. Then used to temper the body’s meridians, bones, muscles and even cells.
surge of dark red color, Xiao Yan drought cage every inch of the body, that even the faces are covered with color, looked faint, has promised some hideous taste terrible, but fortunately he’s here in addition to outside and no one else, so did someone down to see such a scene.
calculate the time, Xiao ‘inflammation should be spent here lasts two days, within two days, he never had a moment’s rest, a’ straight ‘are among the absorption of non-stop around that majestic Bloody energy,Cheap Coach, and in such a rapid absorption between,Coach Outlet Store Online, Xiao Yan body of a grudge is gradually becoming more and more powerful, like a river in general, constantly flowing in the

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