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gush, then collide with the invisible Fire and around each other all the fierce mutual erosion up.
Qiaode fierce spirit of revolt, Skyfire Venerable eyes of the passing touch of cool, fingerprints suddenly changed, and it suddenly began to slowly tighten Fire up With Fire shrinks, which is also fierce soul’s body will be smaller .
‘Xiao Yan, improve heart inflammation intensity fall!’
looked increasingly shrinking Fire,Coach Outlet Online, Skyfire Venerable suddenly shouted.
heard, aside already prepared standby 萧炎立 engraved nodded flexor of a bomb, an vindictiveness jet out,cheap coach bags, finally landed on the Fire, immediately,Coach Outlet Store, vindictive Fire quickly engulfed, and with Fire engulfed , the shrouded invisible flame above it,Coach Outlet, is getting rich, while the other hand one of the fierce soul,Coach Outlet Store Online, it is baked under that constantly issued sharp sound of an angry sound, but regardless of how violent struggle, but still Fire Mou’s hard to break the beam.
‘continue to strengthen!’ Skyfire Venerable still looked fierce soul still struggling Chen Sheng said.
Xiao Yan looking calm, fingers with Behr, a storm surge and road grudge PilianFinally, give all melt into the Fire, but as more and more vindictive added that the fall in temperature is getting heart inflammation terror, to get later, fierce soul is finally at a screaming, burst open,Coach Factory Outlet, into a mass of thick fog color, floating among the Fire.
see this scene, Skyfire Venerable also slightly relieved, fingerprints change, Fire dissipate, immediately condensed into a flame Zhang Xu Ding furnace size, and in that tripod furnace among that group is sticky Scarlet mist.
looking Skyfire Venerable this clever hand pour fire into Ding, Xiao Yan eyes flashed a hint of wonder is, indeed fighting had respect for the strong, this hand-carried the fire of the law, Xiao

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